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In Memory Of by Michelle Wait

You caused me to stop.

As my pupils adjusted to your arms reaching Toward the pale-colored blue,

I took a deep breath.

I tried to see as far as you

Could reach, but it dizzied me.

My balance lost, I sat

And admired your roots.

You bared a lot. The green blades tickled

Your toes;

I giggled for you.

I wanted to lean my head against your stubborn Body, but something begged me to look again. Round about I went. Your impressive body Revealed your immodesty.

I peered inside your heart.

Was there life in there? Perhaps,

A foreign visitor sought shelter

In your warm body?

Could there have been?

A possibility.

Are my eyes invading a space meant for dwellers? I adjust to your internal darkness.

My pupils dilate; all of my color is lost.

So much possibility in a donated seedling,

So much possibility in memory of,

So much possibility reaching for celestial orbs, So, I spilt my water near your skirt.

So, I wandered o with a backwards glance.

She must have been a beautiful spirit

To have a tree like you bear her name.