Application Process

Thank you for your interest in The Streetcar Staff! Applications for the 2018-2019 school term are now closed, but there are still many ways to get involved! Staff applications will re-open August 2019.

Our application process has two rounds. The first step is to submit our online application. We will then review the qualified applicants and invite selected individuals to interview. An offer of an interview does not guarantee acceptance onto our staff.

Staff FAQ

Q: I'm not an artist, and I'm not artistic. What can I contribute to staff?
Anyone with an appreciation and a critical eye for creative work is welcome! 

Q: I'm a [insert any major here] major. What can I contribute to staff?
Anyone from any major is welcome on staff!

Q: What does a staff member do?
In the fall semester, staff meets once every two weeks to review submissions. Before each meeting, staff members will review submissions on the Google Drive and come prepared to discuss and evaluate each piece. In meetings, staff members sit around a table, eat snacks, read/view submissions, and discuss each piece and its potential contribution to The Streetcar. 

Q: I wasn't offered a position on staff. Can I still be involved?
Yes! You can submit your own work to The Streetcar. You can also follow us on our social media, come to our events, and stay aware of artistic opportunities on campus. By engaging with The Streetcar in any way, by reading the magazine or simply talking about art with your friends, you're creating a community that welcomes and enjoys artistic expression!