Volume 7, 2018-2019


Ciarra Smith, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Ciarra is a senior Biochemistry major whose home state is “the South.” While she adores all things science, her first love always has been literature. In her efforts to bridge her passions, she dreams of storytelling neuroscience in a manner similar to that of The Great Oliver Sacks while simultaneously script writing for a children’s animation film. It’ll all work out, she promises!

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Joy Cariño, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Joy is a junior English major from Starkville, MS. She plans to one day be a funky English teacher and to have every single Cook-Out milkshake flavor. She loves creating, discussing, and sharing new ideas with anyone who will listen. You can always find her around Starkville bopping to upbeat music or reading dramatic books in the Main Street Book Mart. Joy also loves reading poetry, cooking fried rice for friends, and getting to know people.

Madison Kendall, Copy Editor

Madison is a Junior Industrial Engineering major from Vicksburg, MS. She can often be found napping in the Chapel of Memories, studying in 929, reading, or petting her (roommate’s) cat. In her rare free time, you can find her road tripping to concerts with friends and contemplating what she wants to do with her life.

Rebecca Van Pamel, Poetry Editor

Rebecca is a sophomore English and Psychology double-major from Huntsville, Alabama. In her rare time not spent psychoanalyzing her friends for a “class assignment” or writing papers, Rebecca enjoys making questionable fashion choices, petting the local cat population, reading Stephen King novels, and writing bad prose fiction. If you need her, Rebecca is probably at a thrift store, getting another tattoo, or napping in inappropriate places around campus.


James Karlson, Graphics Designer

James is a freshman Art and Communications double major from the coast town of Gulfport, MS. He is a comedy and science enthusiast who loves to laugh and gaze at the stars. James also is a poet and water colorist with his head in many clouds. If he can land an occupation that allows him to learn, discuss, and create whether that be a comedian, artist, journalist, or perhaps all three then he will be very happy!


Brayden Stokes, Event Coordinator

Brayden is junior Computer Science major from Vicksburg, MS. Although his focus is on the science of computers, he also enjoys the stories of people. When not sleeping or getting ready to sleep, he enjoys reading and playing any kind of game, video or tabletop. Brayden wants to use his knowledge of computer science to help people share their stories with the world.


Caitlan Sutton, General Staff

Caitlan is a sophomore majoring in Biological Sciences(pre-vet) at MS State University from Clinton, MS. She aspires to become a large animal veterinarian with a specialty in equine medicine. Though Caitlan has lived in Mississippi her entire life, she wants to move to a different state or out of the country once she graduates. She owns a seven-year-old, five-pound shih-tzu named Sparkle, who she loves with all her heart. In her free time, she likes to write poetry, hang with friends, watch YouTube videos, and chill in her hammock.

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Maeve Rigney, General Staff

Maeve is a freshman English major with a minor in Pre-Law. She loves all things literature and thinks that books can touch the soul in a way that nothing else can. Her favorite authors and poets are e e cummings, C.S. Lewis, Laurie Halse Anderson, and Jeffrey McDaniel. Her hobbies include playing Dungeons and Dragons, hitting up thrift stores, and going on dangerous hikes that she is definitely not qualified for. She has a dog named Chip who she loves dearly.


Stone Vincent, Production Assistant

Stone is fashion merchandising major hailing from Clinton, Mississippi. She loves her pets, her family, climbing trees, art, and veggie burgers. She spends her free time walking through the woods, cooking, and spoiling her animals. She adores all things wildlife, and if she could meet anyone in the world, it would be Steve Irwin. Working jobs in retail, visual art, and modeling, she has absolutely no idea where she aims to end up in life, only that she’s doing her best to get there and enjoying every second of it.

Gentry Burkes, Public Relations Head

Gentry is a senior from Los Angeles, CA. She is majoring in English and history, and despite what everyone thinks, she does not want to be a teacher. She one day dreams to attend graduate school where she will continue her lively debates with anyone who wants to talk literature. In her spare time she enjoys all things musical and in the future wishes to pursue a career in it. She knows nothing about football, but thoroughly enjoys banging her cowbell around because it is a wonderful stress reliever.


CeCe Turner, Website Manager & Production Assistant

CeCe is a freshman Fashion Design & Merchandising major from Chattanooga, Tennessee. In her rarely found free time, she can be found reading the latest issue of Bazaar, jamming out to her throwback tunes, or swimming on the MSU club swim team. She is addicted to coffee and is kind of a shopaholic (especially when it comes to shoes) and is excited to share all of MSU’s amazing artistic talent!

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Bhakti Patel, Event Coordinator

Bhakti is a sophomore from Oxford, Mississippi. Her major is undeclared but she is considering Psychology with a minor in German. Her passion is photography and hopes to incorporate it into her career, whatever that may be. She also loves to travel and hopes she can visit every continent in the world, like her grandfather.  She was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and plans to live there again one day. Her favorite genre of music is alternative and enjoys having a mini dance party with her friends.

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Ty'Bresha Glass, General Staff

Ty'Bresha Glass is a sophomore English major from Meridian, Mississippi. She plans on either teaching as a high school literature teacher or a college professor. She really, REALLY love mozzarella sticks and fencing (yes; with swords).


Nathan Walls, General Staff

Nathan is a senior English major from two hours up the road. His plan is to get a job and live a natural adult life post-graduation; however, he is still trying to figure out what a natural adult life is at the moment. He hopes that his future career will involve some form of creativity. His favorite and most frequent complement is "dude, you're really chill." If he is not writing a paper then he is probably working on one of his talents: taking naps.

Lindsay Pace, Art Editor

Lindsay is a senior at MSU, originally from a tiny river town called Vicksburg (to which she attributes her love of jazz-age poetry and coffee). She is majoring in English and Journalism, but most days she feels like she is interested in everything in the whole wide world. When she is not staking out in coffee shops, she is probably in the sunshine reading a book or taking portraits of people at Golden Hour. While she hopes to have her photos or writing published one day, she is content with reminding all people — even herself — that all stories matter, so we must keep telling them. In her attempt to be inspirational, she leaves us with this: do hard things, love people well, and have gratitude always.

Alex Hendon, Fiction Editor

Alex is a senior Communications-Journalism major, foodie at heart, and lover of all things blues and 1960s French. She is a dog enthusiast and farmer’s market hound with a pipedream of working for Bon Appetite one day.


Emma Moffet, Social Media Manager

Emma is a senior communications-journalism and English double major with a love for writing and Mississippi. She is always looking for new opportunities to learn, grow, and serve others, even if it means sacrificing her limited free-time. Always busy but always smiling, she is excited to bring her work ethic and enthusiasm anywhere she goes. Whether working in public relations, journalism, or pursuing her masters, she hopes after graduation to follow her passion to build a better Mississippi.

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Mary Ranie Miller, General Staff

Mary Ranie is a pre-med Biological Sciences major who is also double minoring in English and psychology. She dreams to someday become a pediatrician and travel on global missions. She loves poetry and any form of floral pattern. She is also a huge fan of all things music, particularly U2, Ed Sheeran, The Lumineers, and Fleetwood Mac. In her spare time, you can find her thrift shopping, sipping green tea, or reading in her eno.


Rachel Dykes, General Staff

Rachel is a junior majoring in Biochemistry from Birmingham, Alabama. Ever since she was a child, Rachel has always enjoyed learning- no matter what the subject! However, her true passions lie in English, history, and science.  When she is not studying for a test, you can likely find Rachel going for long rides in her car or listening to her favorite music. As for her future, she dreams of a life full of traveling, family, and many, many dogs.


Brady Kruse, General Staff

Brady is a sophomore Computer Science major / English minor from Missouri who is vehemently fighting a losing battle against gaining a Southern accent. As the meeting point between computers and literature, Brady enjoys studying science fiction, especially debating the standards of developing AI (the pending end of the world, so he says). When he’s not preaching robotic doomsday, Brady also watches far too many classic movies, plays basketball much worse than he thinks, writes stories and screenplays, and promotes reading as one of the best things one can do.


Ruby Titus, General Staff

Ruby Titus is a freshman English major who hopes to minor in creative writing. Her hobbies include writing her own novels, listening to alternative music and watching throwback shows on Netflix and Hulu. She is super excited to join the Streetcar Staff and can't wait to read all the awesome submissions!