Submission Process

We are currently taking submissions for our eighth volume. Our staff reviews submissions on a rolling basis. The Streetcar is open to submissions from all Mississippi State undergraduate and graduate students. We review all creative work, written or visual.

Written Works:

The maximum amount of written submissions a student may submit at one time is five poems and two longer works (short stories, creative nonfiction, scripts, etc.) For other written work feel free to send it along, and we will consider it. Submit files as MS Word Documents.

Visual Arts:

The maximum amount of visual submissions a student may submit at one time is five pieces. Visual arts include photography, paintings, sketches, sculptures, and digital media. All creative work is highly encouraged; if you feel it is creative and new, submit it, and we will consider it. Please make sure photos of any artwork are submitted in high quality. 

Things to Note:

  • Do not include your name on any of the submissions. The only place your name needs to appear is in the appropriate blanks on the online submission form.

  • All submissions remain anonymous to the staff during the selection process. If you would like for your work to appear anonymously in the printed journal, please indicate this in the “Statement about the Work” on the application form.

  • You still need to include your name and NetID on the form for verification purposes.

  • Read and accept the Release Waiver before submitting.

Our deadline for vol. 8 submissions is December 2, 2019. Any submissions received after this date will be considered for acceptance in the ninth volume of our journal.

What next?

After submitting, you should hear back from us in three to five weeks! If you submit your work to us during the summer months, we will not be able to get back to you until the Fall, when our staff returns to campus.  After you get an email about the status of your submissions, send along other work!